Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What We Can , Yes You Can Too

Creating a (Crow)dible India

After years of research and slogging through the night we came up with this election campaign, as we at crow party believe that every crow has the right to stand up and express one’s opinion and crow fight is done to the core.

The keyword we emphasis is Crowndhi but we do not blow it over the board hence my party chose me as the Party President as I belonged to the general class who have been denied almost every kind of Reservations provided. So to woo the general category crows this was a unanimous decision.

Hence , no left only right is the rule and we will continue fighting like crows and yet stay together to make CROWDIBLE INDIA ..
These are the recommendations which has been passed by party consensus if we come to the power
We will insure that this is done within a year:

1) National Rural Crow employment guarantee scheme: this would not be for 100 days but it will have life time validity. The job profile would depend on the projects undertaken by the crow party.

2) As per Manika Crowndhi’s suggestion the use of CROW/Kauwa word in any films would be banned. More than this no crow would sacrifice his life for Kauwa Biryani.

3) Sarwa gyan abhiyan would be started to make people aware of the power within and what difference they could make to making this crowdible India.

4) On popular demand of fairer sex that is females we have proposed the Ban of word “Fair” from the matrimonial sections or any advertisements related to skin products.

5) With immediate effect all the crows who have been fired from the company would get free access to their company’s campus and would be allowed to make use of their shit anywhere, anytime and on anyone irrespective of caste creed or sex. Well Sex can be negotiated though depending on their dusky looks.

6) Crownlatine’s day should be celebrated on 14th July as this is the day when crows got their independence.On this day every crow will stand on one leg for a minute and stare in one direction without moving its head.

7) Tenders would be floated for crow museum, crow parks and of course crow spots and the best bidders would be given an opportunity.

8) We propose to remove all the slum dwellers from dharawi and move them to Bihar and all the people from Bihar would be flown officially to Mumbai. Same would be done between north and south so that it increases their adjustment skills. Hence no Slumdog will get to be a millionaire.

9) Crow’s planning commission has decided that we will not waste time in making 5 or 6 years plan but straight away make a strategy that will stick as long as it works. So that as in when needs arises we can change it immediately without looking left.

10) No subsidies would be given to farmers.

11) Crow’s image would be inscribed in all the Indian currencies.

12) All the traditional stories related to crow would be mandatory in schools.

13) Crow awas yojna would be initiated in which every household must have a spot reserved for Crows (crow house) so they don’t have to sit anywhere. The best part is the cost will be on the house owner so no expenses from the country’s fund.

14)Last but not the least we will insure that we do not make unnecessary use of Parliament hence we decided when crow Fight is over we will sit and meditate over here so that we can gear up for the next fight and it will definately not be live on any Crowsabha channel or kab tak.

These are the few indicators on which our party pledges to work.

Soon we will declare the Mascot, promoters and yes the theme song is under process. We have contacted some unemployed music directors to come up with ORIGINAL ideas and we will not pay for copyright as we are already giving them job.

(Any one further interested in joining the (crow)enomena can mail me at charkhadutt@gmail.com)

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